Why You Need to Hire a Professional Planner for Your Next Business Event in Miami

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Planning a business event can be an exciting and highly engaging job, but the stress can easily take it’s toll on with insurance requirements and company demands while doing your own job. With an endless number of details to attend to, planning an event can become a very overwhelming and daunting task, especially in a city such as Miami. Here is why a professional business event planner is worth the investment:


1. Event Planners are Transportation Scheduling Pros
Whether you have a personal or corporate event, you will most likely need to book transportation for all your guests. The event planners will take the responsibility of booking limos, busses, or even separate rides so that all the guests reach the venue smoothly without getting late for the event. They will also see there are ample parking spaces available for those who are willing to come in their personal cars, and even assist with directions and alternate routes. The concern is to ensure all the proceedings and activities allotted with a specific time in the event do not get affected in the slightest due to the guests reaching late.


2. They Go the Extra Mile with Themes
Themes for weddings, birthdays or sweet sixteens are a common sight, but what about about corporate themes? Planning a unique and professional event is what top business event planners have in store for their clients! The themes are customized to help your business market its core message or vision. The planner will create the theme around the client’s needs and preferences with expertise. Having a casino night? Your planner can suggest having a cigar bar, a Frank Sinatra type band, business themed chips and signature drinks, shaken not stirred of course!

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3. Experienced Planners are Experts
Experienced event planners have a proven track record and countless events under their belt. Their expertise is what will make your event a success. Planners think of every single detail such as having meals for guests with dietary restraints; how many people who responded to the RSVP’d won’t attend the event; how many people who didn’t respond will show, and other details that could throw off the success of an event. Other aspects such as choosing the right vendors, collect insurance information and create load in/load out schedules is done by the planner beforehand. They also prepared to handle emergencies or uncertainties such as how to direct the stranded guests if a rainfall occurs, and to have a back-up location/plan for the event.

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4. Planners Maintain Professional Relationships
In the course of hiring a experienced event planner such as Solea Events, you are also on the way to acquire their professional relationships with vendors such as, caterers, transportation services, decorators, florists and entertainers for every budget. Maintaining professional vendor relationships allows you to budget to acquire the best vendors with the highest care and expertise as Solea Events, whose priority will be to make your event a success. Also, in case a supplier or vendor backs out of the event at the 11th hour, the planner is there to apply a solid backup without affecting the mood and rhythm of the event, leaving you to enjoy the event and come up with ideas for the next one!

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