Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

sweet 16 birthday party ideas
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Behind every memorable party, there is a theme. You can choose a theme based off your event’s location, date of the event or the person you’re celebrating.  Themed parties allow you to expand your creativity and create something unique, personal and fun. Below is a set of birthday party themes to consider for your next big day in order to turn your dream party into a reality:

Dance Party Theme:

A party that involves dancing, dancing and more dancing can be full of fun for all age groups. There are many different subcategories within a dance party. You can have a club dance party in which all your friends are invited, the dance hall could be decorated with black lights, lasers and a fog machine, you can even section off a V.I.P section with a bouncer and velvet rope for your closest friends. You could also have a prom theme to it, in which all your friends would bring dates, and there could be a homecoming dance, a prom king or queen etc. No matter what theme you want, you can find a great Birthday Party Organizer in Miami.

Guitar Hero Theme:

If you’re into great music and letting out your inner rockstar, a Guitar Hero theme is a great birthday party idea. Invite all your friends and have a guitar hero competition, create different bands with your friends, don’t skip out on creating a band name! Award gifts and prizes to the winners of the competition. This will create a fun, competitive environment that will be enjoyable for everyone attending your birthday party.

Movie Themed Outdoor Party:

If the weather permits, take the opportunity to setup a large screen outdoors and invite all your friends to a movie themed birthday party. It could be a newly released blockbuster such as Deadpool or Star Wars or make it 80s themed with guilty pleasure movies such as The Breakfast Club and The Goonies. Your party wouldn’t be complete without a popcorn maker! You could ask your guest to dress per the movie’s theme. For example, if the movie theme is superheros, you can ask your guests to dress as their favorite superhero such as Superman, Wonderwoman and Spiderman.

movie themed outdoor party

Pool Party Themed:

Pool parties is a perfect theme during the summer. Your friends will certainly appreciate staying cool while enjoying the water and great company. You could hire a DJ who would entertain your guests with fun summer jams while they enjoy snowcones. You could also organize a water volley ball competition for prizes.

pool party themed

Party By The Lake:

If you live near a lake, a party by the lake can be a memorable experience. You could possibly rent boats, jet skis and have a watersports themed birthday party. There’s also the option to setup water trampolines or floating islands for your guests while you enjoy BBQ food, and games onland such as bean bag toss, or giant Jenga. Make sure you provide your guests with bug spray and sunscreen.

party by the lake

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