Conferences and General Meetings

Our experienced staff is prepared to go beyond the traditional ways to assist with event management, preparation, planning and coordination. We understand that conferences and general corporate meetings are made successful through the use of latest technology for example the use of efficient projector, presentation tools, efficient mic communication and audible devices. Therefore our corporate event management services in Miami include mobile applications for the online virtual connectivity, electronic check-in, event recordings, simulcast and so much more. At Solea Events, we seamlessly coordinate the perfect integration of technology for the successful execution of your event.

Integration of Technology for Your Corporate Conferences or General Meetings

Our event specialist team can modernize the traditional event processes for the perfect coordination and execution of your conference or general meeting. With the integration of technology, it would ensure efficient communication and coordination with your business audience. We can even manage and assist in other essential tasks of your conference for example; event speaker selection, assistance for contract negotiations with vendors, compilation of your business presentations to deliver at the conference, photography and information resources for your event speakers.

Negotiation for Better Outcomes

With our vast experience in the event industry, we can help you connect with key personnel, vendors and speakers, essential for your conference and help you get a better deal in price negotiations. When you are done with your event design, we would help and assist you to negotiate excellent contractual terms with suppliers or vendors and help you stay within your budget constraints. Considering all viable options, our corporate event planning would ensure that your conference fun flawlessly without any unfavorable circumstances as we do understand the critical nature of your conference. With the right combination of our corporate event management services and integrated technologies for the event execution, we would produce an event right on schedule and within your company’s budget limitations.