Seminars, Conventions and Conferences

From concept initialization to post execution and evaluation. Our expert event management staff ensure excellent in event management services as well as social interaction and engagement with the audience. Our range of services include event management for any small medium sized businesses to large international conferences. Our team possess a variety of skills and expertise to bring originality to your event with idea creation, concept design, innovative engagement practices, fun activities, intellectual sessions and leadership lessons. We at Solea Events would make sure that your event is both educational, worthwhile, enriching and value driven for you and as well as for your audience. Each detail of your event whether it is a seminar, convention or conference, will be properly planned and worked upon thoroughly for everyone including the owners, management, business clients, social attendees, media personnel, delegates, sponsors and most importantly, the audience.

Creating Connected Experiences for Everyone

At Solea Events, we understand the importance of event experiences for everyone. That is why we emphasize upon creating connected experiences for everyone through our range of services. With our specialist team for different event categories, we can create and manage different events, each one delivering a different theme/message/idea or concept. We assist with technical arrangements, social interaction, site visits, production, catering and hospitality. We also well proficient by mitigating risks and negotiation contracts or price quotation from the vendors to provide you with a fair price deal offer.

Value Added Services for Seminars, Conventions and Conferences

Our event management and planning services also include other value added services like encouraging your event participants or attendees for the online digital promotion and interaction. We would also conduct full site inspection to review and evaluate the site, reviewing the site to judge if it can accommodate the size of your event audience. We are also more than proficient to enhance the brand experience with digital and print touch points.