There is no doubt that wedding should always be organized and managed with full devotion. Why shouldn’t it be? After all a wedding connects and manifests the eternal bond and promise for two people and is considered as the most important day of your life.

So close your eyes and image yourself wearing your best clothes with elegance and style, decorations are done in the most perfect way and all eyes are upon you. Such a wedding can only be planned with proper pre-planning, considering budget constraints and the size of your audience. That is why, Solea Events offers pre wedding management services so that your wedding day can be just perfect, just according to your dreams.

From Conceptualization to Planning, It’s all Part of the Plan

The primary concern for everyone is the total amount of budget which is going to be invested for the wedding. With Solea Events, we won’t let you be bothered about such limitations as whatever we will plan will fall right under your budget just like rain. Our services include the perfect planning and organizing of your wedding which is why we recommend planning beforehand. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it should be planned, down to the tiniest detail. So with our well trained and highly proficient team, we offer:

  • Conceptualization of your wedding according to your preferred theme
  • Providing you with the total budget cost with all the wedding essentials
  • Effective well-planned coordination services with all the necessary requirements, months before the event
  • Providing the best wedding options for your dresses, theme, song selection, card design and so much more
  • Providing menu options which would fall under the right price
  • Providing adequate information about vendors for decoration, stage setup, flowers to setup, production and photography services
  • Handling all personal items and equipment for the ceremony and reception
  • Emergency wedding makeup kit and assistance
  • Guest coordination and assistance
  • Appropriate selection for wedding venue location
  • Wedding consultation
  • Reviewing and resolving vendor and payment disputes
  • Wedding Transportation Coordination
  • Management of wedding day gifts, dresses and accessories
  • Providing appropriate wedding day schedules
  • Ceremony Rehearsals and coordination
  • Planning and arrangement for all necessary wedding documents and license

Arranging Everything with Perfection for Your Wedding Management

With our pre wedding services, we will help you to say yes to our services, before and after you big day. We plan all pre and post wedding activities without any fuss or panic as we are well proficient in doing all of that. As we plan out to do manage and organize your wedding, we will be handling all your wedding coordination services and bridal concierge services. We will execute all your wedding plans by planning ahead to that you have the perfect wedding, one that you dreamed about since you were a child. Not only that, we would also help you track down your perfect wedding dress so that you don’t reply on anyone but on our professional services. By streaming your pre wedding services, you will feel relax and calm even when your day arrives as we want you to be full of energy, excitement and life at your very own wedding while we take care of each and everything.