Launches and Press Events

Launches and press events are a distinct area of expertise which require unique target audience, markets, requirements and agendas. It is different from any other event as it depends upon its ability to bring people together to meet, socialize, engage and create networking and business opportunities. It also helps to cater meaningful business relationships and opportunities which can be beneficial to achieve company’s business objectives.

Solea Events Demonstrate Unique Proposition for Product Launches and Press Releases

At Solea Events, we view product launches and press releases as an activity which is integrated to achieve business objectives of the company rather than a means to an end. We strive to manage, coordinate and execute your launch and press event as a creative learning experience. With our diverse selection of technology, we supplement the conducive to foster your business action. As profession event managers, we operate innovative technology to operate your business events.

We believe in the success of your business event to bring people together to socialize and create meaningful long term business relationships.

Fostering Success for Your Product Launches or Press Events

With our collaborative approach, we recommend both destination and venues which are most suitable for your product launch or press release events. With our joint processes, we recommend the best offers and packages for your event. While adding new dimensions to instill team spirit and effectively communicate messages, our event management and planning would make the successful execution of your event an extension of your company and its reputation.

As high profile events have complex needs, our event takes care of all such issues to fulfill the tasks of acquiring engagement from all your target audience. Solea Events has change the event management business in Miami as we understand how the business and the industry dynamics work. With our improved decision making process, we manage unique aspects and characteristics of each event.