How a Wedding Coordinator Can Help a Client to Set Priorities in Miami

wedding coordinator
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Planning a large wedding within a tightly confined budget is not a cup of tea for every other planner, and can even become a mighty stress for even the most experienced wedding coordinators and planners. The core most step for the to-be couple is to determine which activities are important and which are not.

Remember no two couples are the same in terms of needs and choices. For a people-oriented couple, they would want the food and beverage to be the best elements. An easy going and more extrovert couple would want a blast of an entertainment and music, while a more trance-loving couple would want to capture the best and most memorable shots at the hands of professional photographers. The point is when you want to wrap your big day in a small budget especially in a big city like Miami, there has to be some priorities set along with cutting out some activities and costs from your plan.

1. Leap the added extras

Some elegant perks such as save-the-date reminders, opening ceremony celebrations, guest favors, bathroom baskets, and cocktail napkins with monogram designs surely enhance the experience to a whole new level. On the positive side, these extras can easily go unnoticed if completely skipped. Other one-time-use items such as introduction toasts and cake knifes also can be skipped without another thought. Most caterers or banquet halls are able to provide such items with little or no cost.

2. Don’t look at limousines

A close friend or family member is always there to drive you and your partner wherever you want. Ask the client to rent a nice and comfortable ride to travel you to and from the reception. A top-notch car with someone familiar behind the wheels is better and very much cost-effective than availing a luxuriously themed expensive limousine for just a couple of people to ride in.

3. Flowers can go well

A thick and elaborate bouquet is always a charming and radiant sight, but a single stem or even a small “kissing ball” can be equally elegant and simple at the same time. While grooms can wear green boutonnieres rather than expensive blooms. Tables decorated with wrought iron-styled candelabras can look as festive as with big floral sprays. A little less decorative elements like branches, berries, etc. which can be bought at only a fraction of cost, are just as attractive as traditional roses and marigolds. If the décor is the perfect blend of simplicity communicating the overall theme of the wedding, no one would be able to pick if the couple is running on a tight budget.

4. No offense in acquiring used items

You might get surprised at the fact that there are a large number of wedding items which are produced secondhand. As such items are mostly used on a once-a-lifetime basis, their conditions are only good enough to purchase them at the first glance. Several wedding attire can be acquired on rental or purchase through specialty consignment shops. You can also visit The Knot to go through and shop from a large library of wedding items where brides commonly put posts of selling their items at highly attractive prices.

Several top event management companies employ highly experienced wedding planners who will take care of your needs in the best possible way by digging the maximum out of your big day investments.

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